Season 2 NFT Collection and dApp version 3.0 are LIVE

3 min readNov 13, 2022

Catgirl has seen tremendous interest in the Season 1 NFT Collection, which generate over 400k in the number of boxes open alone. Along with the release, we have captured many fans interested in having an NFT collection that focuses on aesthetics, building a rich backstory while also providing utilities within the ecosystem.

Following the previous release of Season 1 Catgirls, we’re happy to announce that our Season 2: Spectrums of the UniPaws Collection is now available at

What includes in this release?

Our Season 2 NFT Collection consists of 10 Catgirls, each with a unique characteristic and outfit drew by our talented artist.

The name: Spectrums of the Unipaws is the official name for this year's collection. Compared to Season 1, this season brings a broader picture of UniPaws, a fictional world we've been working on.

Besides that, we're also excited to release version 3.0 of our dApp, which we've been working on restlessly in the past year. The release includes several bug fixes, a brand-new UI, and significant enhancements to the platform.

Our team always focuses on delivering the best user experience, attention to small details, and being innovative to differentiate us from the rest.

Season 2 Mystery Box

A mystery box is the only way to obtain Catgirl NFT, which remains the same for S2.

The price for each box will be equivalent to 10 USD and can be purchased using CATGIRL¢ or BNB. Our price oracle contract will update daily to ensure the mystery box sale price matches the fiat value.

Head over to our Mystery Box Page for more details

Season 2 NFT farming

After Season 2 Mystery box sale is closed, S2 NFT holders will be eligible for the reserved farming pool consisting of 75% of the revenue generated from the box sales and a part of the 3% transaction tax (which alternate between auto-liquidity and NFT farming) from token trading on-chain.

Note that Season 2 farming differs from season 1, and farming stats will not be the same. However, users will be able to farm on both seasons simultaneously. Please visit our Wiki page for more details and keep an eye on our social media for future updates.

For transparency, the reserved farming pool wallet address is 0x485574b4D96bAF44fA3052Ab2f4b38929e4845F5

What’s next?

We’re not stopping here. Here are some of the following milestones:

  • Release the official Marketplace specifically built for Catgirl NFT. Users can navigate and trade their favorite NFT easily while reducing the fee from third-party marketplaces.
  • Bring the UniPaws platform to life. UniPaws is an exciting platform that is yet for you to discover. It consists of the official novel that is linked to Catgirl NFT characters and will be the place where you can create your own customizable NFT character (DIY Kemi)

We hope you enjoy this release and thank everyone for supporting us. Be sure to follow us on social media for more exciting news in the future

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