Exploring Kemi: Your Gateway to Personalized NFT Ownership

3 min readMar 7, 2024



With the upcoming UniPaws release, We’re thrilled to introduce the “Become a Kemi” feature. You’ll have the opportunity to create your own NFT, customizing your style with outfits and accessories from UniPaws. Let’s explore what Kemi is all about and why it’s so exciting.

Purpose of Kemi

The creation of Kemi marks an exciting leap forward in the realm of NFT ownership, offering a multifaceted utility that enriches the experience for NFT collectors, NFT farmers, and traders alike.

In a nutshell, Kemi's key feature is being your digital identity in the Web3 world. Use Kemi as your avatar across social media platforms, particularly during our upcoming FunHunt social platform, showcasing your unique style.

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How to become a Kemi

Personalizing your Kemi character is an engaging process. It involves trading your Catgirl NFTs, ranging from Common to Pawsome tiers. You can obtain a generated Kemi Base Body and shop for Wearables to customize your Kemi avatar.

By combining these assets, users can craft a truly unique Kemi avatar, reflecting their style and preferences. This approach adds depth to NFT ownership and encourages creativity.

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How does it support our Ecosystem?

Our focus on art quality and user experience aims to attract everyone: NFT collectors, anime fans, and gamers. Additionally, the creation of Kemi introduces a burn mechanism to our Catgirl NFT supply, reducing the overall supply. This scarcity enhances the value of existing NFTs and contributes to the sustainability of our platform.

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What are our plans for it?

UniPaws will continuously introduce new Wearables in future updates, providing users with more options for customizing their Kemi avatars. This ongoing evolution ensures that your Kemi character remains dynamic and reflects your individual style preferences. Moreover, Kemi’s significance extends to our forthcoming venture, “FunHunt,” an all-in-one Web3 social platform. By owning a Kemi avatar, users gain distinct advantages and access exclusive features available only to Kemi holders.

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Message to the community..

Thank you for exploring a part of the exciting world of Kemi and its utility with Catgirl NFTs. We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through our vibrant ecosystem and discovered the endless possibilities that Kemi offers. Stay tuned for more updates, adventures, and innovations as we shape the future of digital ownership together. Thank you for being a part of our community!

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