Catgirl x Hacken Partnership

3 min readMay 19, 2023



In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, security and innovation go hand in hand. To ensure the utmost safety and exhilarating experiences for blockchain enthusiasts, Catgirl and Hacken have forged a strategic partnership. Hacken, a renowned blockchain security auditor, will conduct comprehensive smart contract audits for Catgirl’s ecosystem, covering various exciting features such as Marketplace, NFTs, Mystery Box, and the upcoming UniPaws. Let’s delve into the incredible audits that Hacken will provide for Catgirl a little bit better.

The Audits: Ensuring Trust and Thrill in Catgirl’s Ecosystem

As part of our strategic partnership, Hacken will conduct a series of meticulous smart contract audits for Catgirl’s various features. Let’s take a closer look at the audits.

Hacken will perform:

  • Marketplace Audit: Hacken will thoroughly review Catgirl’s marketplace smart contract to ensure secure and seamless transactions, protecting users’ assets.
  • NFT Audit: Hacken’s experts will verify the authenticity and security of Catgirl’s NFTs, safeguarding users’ digital assets.
  • Mystery Box Audit: Hacken will ensure the fairness and security of Catgirl’s Mystery Box feature, enhancing the thrill of surprise for users.
  • UniPaws Audit (Upcoming): Hacken’s audit will guarantee the secure and efficient operation of Catgirl’s highly anticipated UniPaws feature, empowering users to engage in a vibrant community.

With Hacken’s comprehensive audits covering many aspects of Catgirl’s ecosystem, users can explore the platform with confidence, knowing that their safety and enjoyment are paramount. The partnership between Hacken and Catgirl aims to establish a new standard of security and excitement in the blockchain world.

About Hacken:
Hacken, a leader in blockchain security, has been safeguarding the realm of blockchain since its establishment in 2017. With over five years of experience, Hacken has revolutionized Web3 into a secure and thriving environment. Their mission is to provide competitive cybersecurity services, protecting technological businesses and crypto communities worldwide. Through their extensive network and portfolio of secured crypto projects, Hacken has become a trusted pillar in the blockchain ecosystem. Their unmatched expertise in blockchain security audits ensures that every project they work on is fortified against potential threats. The partnership with Catgirl further demonstrates Hacken’s commitment to creating a safer blockchain world.

About Catgirl:
Catgirl is a unique and exciting project that blends the world of blockchain technology and anime-inspired aesthetics. Launched in May 2021 on the BSC network, Catgirl combines the growing popularity of NFTs with the captivating charm of catgirls. Our platform offers a range of exclusive and collectible digital assets, allowing enthusiasts to embrace their love for these endearing characters while immersing themselves in the blockchain revolution.

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Catgirl creates an in-depth entertainment platform consisting of digitally-engineered collectible Catgirls.