Catgirl Weekly Progress Report — 12–29–2021


The new year is coming up, and we as a team are super excited for the future of Catgirl!

We’ve said a few times before that we believe many great things will come in 2022, so here’s to a great new year for Catgirl and our holders!

Weekly Progress Report — 12–29–2021

What we’ve completed

  • NekoFuse front-end development (excluding web3 integration)
  • Farming enhancement popups
  • Farming slot popups
  • Two new character artworks for Season Two
  • “Wallet not connected” reminder on sections of the Dapp
  • Tweaks to the sidebar UI

What we are working on

  • Continuation of farming smart contract development
  • Front-end development for liquidity staking
  • Farming dark mode UI design
  • Farming mobile UI design
  • Improvements & additions to the farming UI design

Product Preview

Additions to Farming (WIP)

⚠️ Please be aware nothing shown is final and is subject to change.

🚨 ALL numbers are randomized in the UI designs. No number reflects the actual CATGIRL¢ balances, earnings, or data and should not be construed as so.

New buttons

We have now added “Lock” and “Unlock” buttons to the slots. As well as a way to remove your Catgirl from the slot.

To unlock certain slots, you must stake CATGIRL¢. A popup will request you to Approve and Stake the required CATGIRL¢.

Unlock slots

Unlock Tier 2 Slot

Farming Enhancement

Here are some popups for when you enhance your farming session. Below is the popup to stake CATGIRL¢ and Enhance, as well as the popup for “Withdraw in progress”.

Enhance menu
Withdraw in progress

Dark Mode 🕶️

A preview of the dark mode for farming.

A glimpse of Farming on mobile

The farming UI is still a work in progress, and lots of tweaks may happen over the next coming weeks.

Some live previews of the UI

New sidebar

Heres our fancy new sidebar fully coded into our Dapp!

NekoFuse in action!

Some live previews of NekoFuse UI in action.


We wish everybody a happy new year, may all your wishes come true in 2022! 🎊 🎉

Also, be on the lookout for one of our new common Catgirls later this week!

Thank you, The Catgirl Team

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