Catgirl Weekly Progress Report — 01–19–2021

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Happy Wednesday everybody! 🗓✨

The Catgirl team is here to discuss our new profile overhaul and the current progress for farming + staking!

So let’s jump right in.

Weekly Progress Report — 01–19–2022

What we’re working on

  • S2 Artwork continuation
  • “My Profile” overhaul UI design (90% Complete)
  • UI development for staking (90% complete)
  • Smart contract for farming with unit tests covering a large number of different scenarios (100% complete)
  • UI development for Farming has begun (15% complete)

More details

The “My Profile” overhaul UI is very close to being complete. This is the final UI change/upgrade we will reveal before the v2.0 release. However, we will still make improvements/adjustments to the previous UI.

You can expect the new profile to be released alongside the release of our Season Two Catgirls.

Staking UI development is almost complete, meaning all that’s left is to hook it up to the blockchain.

Smart-contract for farming is complete, and the UI development has now begun.

Product Preview

My Profile (WIP)

⚠️ Please be aware nothing shown is final and is subject to change.

A new way to view your collection!

Our old profile was the bare minimum to display your Catgirls. As a result, we’re happy to bring you a new and improved way to view your Catgirl collection!

Each Catgirl can be showcased directly on your profile. Check out this new Season and Character selector UI:

When you own a certain Catgirl within a Season, they will become fully saturated, allowing for a more intuitive view of your current collection.

When you select an owned Catgirl, below, you will get a view of your pertaining Catgirls.

New info added to bio!

All GENESIS Catgirls and new Catgirls will now come with additional info for their bio. We’ve added a spot for their Height, Hobby, and Birthday.

Putting it all together

Here is the final result of the Profile Overhaul!

You can change the Season by utilizing the left and right arrows above the character select, or you can click on the middle of the season selector to open a more insightful popup:


Thank you for taking the time to read our weekly progress report! We appreciate our community, and we cannot wait to bring these features into production.

We have one more common Catgirl to reveal by the end of this week that we think you will appreciate!

Thank you, The Catgirl Team

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