Catgirl Weekly Progress Report — 01–12–2022

Hello everyone, we hope you are having a beautiful week! 🐱🐾

Today we will summarize our current progress towards v2.0 of the Dapp.

Unfortunately, our Lead UI Designer contracted COVID19 recently, so we will not be previewing any UI this week, but we’ve made great strides in the back-end and front-end progress.

  • S2 Artwork continuation
  • “My Profile” overhaul UI (70% Complete)
  • Front-end development for staking (60% complete)
  • Smart contract for farming with unit tests covering large amounts of different scenarios (95% complete)

As our internal deadline approaches for Farming, Staking, NekoFuse, and v2.0, we thought it would be nice to do a general Q&A pooled from questions we tend to get daily.

The team is developing all our features in the NekoVerse from the ground up. Therefore these features take time, and we believe this makes our project unique and will set us apart from the crowd once released. You can’t rush perfection!

That being said, we are getting very close. Ember — Lead Blockchain Dev is wrapping up unit testing for each Smart Contract for farming & staking. Everything is moving smoothly, and the user interface is getting mapped out on the web as we speak. The last step would be hooking up the back-end/smart-contract to the user interface.

After Farming, Staking, NekoFuse, our next goal is to develop the Marketplace and initiate Season Two. We also plan to expand our team.

Good question. As said before, the P2E game is still in the very early planning stages. However, we know it will consist of a few key features, including but not limited to:

  1. The ability to collect accessories and dress up your Catgirl the way you like! Get ready to build and showcase your very own blockchain waifu!
  2. Unique and engaging P2E and PVP gameplay belonging to our Catgirl theme
  3. Our current Catgirl NFTs will play a significant role in the P2E game

I’ve got the power of Elon and Anime on my side!

Please come back next week for some previews of the overhauled profile, as well as a preview of the following S2 Common Catgirl Reveal!

Thank you, The Catgirl Team

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