Catgirl Version 2.0 of the DApp is Now Live!

2 min readApr 27, 2022

Catgirl’s highly anticipated update is finally here, and now live at

Let’s take a look at what’s new!

NFT Farming

Farming with your Catgirls is now possible! Send all of your favorite Catgirl NFTs to the farm:

Stake & Generate $PAW

It’s time to start generating a major utility token in the Catgirl Ecosystem, by staking CATGIRL-BNB pair. Head over to: to start generating $PAW!

Upgrade your Catgirl Rarities

Have you had a hard time with the Season One Mystery Boxes? Nekofuse has you covered:

You can use Nekofuse to get a higher rarity Catgirl, which will give you access to the farm. We’re sorry Mae!

New Fresh Look

Our DApp has been completely redesigned, with new buttons, fonts, a more consistent look, and improved speed. This is, without a doubt, our best version yet. Don’t forget to try dark mode 🕶

New Whitepaper

Our DApp isn’t the only thing that’s been redesigned; our Whitepaper has been revised as well, with additional information about the team’s vision, extra resources, easier-to-digest content, some community fun, and more. Check it out at:

What’s on the horizon?

What are the team’s plans for the future? We’ll keep expanding our resources and delivering our Roadmap, but most importantly, Season 2 is coming soon! We’ve been hard at work with our artists on what we believe will be our best season yet, with greater diversity, upgrades to the Mystery Box, and more.




Catgirl creates an in-depth entertainment platform consisting of digitally-engineered collectible Catgirls.