Catgirl Hub & New Website Release

3 min readOct 22, 2021


The Catgirl Team is pleased to announce the Official release of our Catgirl Hub! The Catgirl Hub is the beginning of an in-depth platform where users can purchase unique and beautiful Catgirl NFTs, with exciting plans for customizable NFTs in the future. The Catgirl Team have been hard at work and are excited to launch and deliver this engaging and adorable platform to our holders. This launch is only the beginning, as we have big goals and plans that we are eager to achieve and are thrilled to take this journey.

Improved Website Design

Along with the launch of our Catgirl Hub comes our new and improved website with a completely revamped design. Our new website will display our tokenomics in a fresh and elevated way.

New Domain

The Catgirl Team would like to display that we are passionate about our vision. We aim to grow and evolve Catgirl to be not just a coin, but a global brand name with several products, services, and uses. To help align with our goals we have successfully acquired the ownership of This new domain is a step towards helping us stabilize our branding, and the Nekoverse.

8 New Catgirl NFTs

We are happy to introduce: Season 1 — The Genesis Catgirls.
Start off your Catgirl collection by partaking in our first Season consisting of 8 Catgirl NFTs.

Catgirls obtainable through our Season One Mystery Box:

Catgirls Obtainable through our Airdrop:

Introducing the Mystery Box

The Catgirl Mystery Box is a portal in which users may obtain Catgirl NFTs through our gacha system. This gacha system is a gamification mechanic in which users will receive a random Catgirl NFT per box, based on probability of rarity. Users may spend Catgirl or BNB to purchase a Mystery Box, with a limit of 20 Mystery Boxes per transaction. The rates between buying with Catgirl and BNB may slightly differ.

Drop rates by Rarity:

  • Common — 85.99% (80.99% using CGC)
  • Rare — 10% (14.5% using CGC)
  • Epic— 3% (3.5% using CGC)
  • Legendary — 1%
  • Paw-some — 0.01%


Each Mystery Box will cost $10 USD each, however Mystery Box pricing will be synced by the price of BNB and CATGIRL every day to aid us in avoiding flash loan attacks. This syncing process may lead to a slight fluctuation in the price.


To celebrate our launch of Catgirl we will be hosting an exclusive Airdrop consisting of the 3 Trio Maid Sisters. These Catgirl NFTs will only be obtainable through our Airdrop so make sure to get involved early! Check out our Airdrop here!

What’s next?

Now that our Catgirl Hub has been launched the Catgirl Team have shifted their attention to the next exciting release of Liquidity Staking and NFT farming. More details will be announced in an upcoming article, so make sure to keep a look out!

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Catgirl creates an in-depth entertainment platform consisting of digitally-engineered collectible Catgirls.