Catgirl — Farming Balance Changes, Vision & More!

3 min readMay 9, 2022


Hello, Catstronauts!
We hope the week is off to a great start for everyone.

After nearly two weeks of gathering user feedback and farming data, we’ve made some changes in response. We also would like to share some great details about our future plans and vision.

Following a thorough analysis, we’d like to announce a few changes to the farming pool stats in order to better balance the pool and reward distribution.

The changes are listed below:

  • Tier 2 Slot Bonus 2̶0̶% → 5%
  • Tier 3 Slot Bonus 4̶0̶% → 10%
  • Tier 4 Slot Bonus 6̶0̶% → 15%
  • Tier 5 Slot Bonus 8̶0̶% → 20%
  • Enhancement Tier 1 2̶0̶% → 5%
  • Enhancement Tier 2 3̶0̶% → 10%
  • Enhancement Tier 3 4̶0̶% → 15%
  • Available Farming Period 7 Days, 14 Days, 3̶0̶ ̶D̶a̶y̶s̶

The following changes will take effect on your next Farming Cycle. If you are already in the farm, your Farming Power will remain the same. Keep in mind that your prior Farming Power and estimated rewards will not be reflected in the user interface. On the other hand, your accumulated awards are accurate, so keep track of them.

The changes will take into effect immediately.

Farming Reward Distribution

Many people are wondering how long the Season One farming pool will remain and are concerned regarding Season Two, so we’d like to take this opportunity to explain the farming lifecycle:

  • Each Season will have its own individual Farming Pool, which means the current Farming Pool will exclusively belong to Season One NFT holders.
  • The Season Farming Pool will remain open until the reward in the pool runs out.
  • The Farming lifecycle begins as so: New Season Release → Each Mystery Box sale contributes to the Season Farming Pool → Mystery Box sales conclude → The Season Farming Pool begins.

For example, when Season Two begins, the Mystery Box sales contribute CATGIRL¢ to the Season Two Farming Pool, and when the Mystery Box sales end, the Season Two Farming Pool will be activated.

Each Season Farming Pool will have its own set of Slots, Enhancements, and Farming Stats. These specifics will be announced prior to the start of the pool. That means that whatever Slots you open or Enhancements you apply in Season One will not carry over to Season Two. In a sense, each Season will have its own instance of Farming.

We appreciate your participation in the early stages of the Farming Pool; we believe the modifications being implemented will improve the Farming experience and reward our long-term supporters while also ensuring the platform’s sustainability.

Due to the major changes to the stats, we will temporarily remove the withdraw cooldown period from both the Slots & the Enhancement until June 11th, 11:00 AM PST. We hope that this will provide users the freedom to experiment and plan the best approach to utilizing the farm.

We are actively listening to the concerns and recommendations of our community, and we will not disregard them. At its foundation, Catgirl is a community-driven project, and we will always do our best to improve the platform in ways that benefit the community.

Catgirl Universe, and what’s ahead!

We want to emphasize that our beloved Season Catgirl NFTs are useful not just in farming, but also in other aspects of the ecosystem, such as:

  • Being involved in the process of minting Wearables & Base Catgirls to create your own DIY Catgirl.
  • Each Season Catgirl has its own specific role in various activities throughout the ecosystem, and no one will be left behind.
  • Bringing a specific Season Catgirl to the NFT Games has a lot of advantages and allows you to interact with them.

While providing additional evergrowing utility to the Season Catgirls, we are also collaborating with our talented in-house screenwriter to create the Catgirl Universe, which is the mysterious home of your favorite Catgirls, where fans can learn more about their favorite characters’ personalities, history, intercharacter interactions, and world.

Prepare to be immersed in the Catgirl Universe, connect with your favorite characters, and follow their storylines in real-time.

Thank you for supporting Catgirl, have a paw-some day, and happy farming!

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