Catgirl Development Updates — August 31st, 2023

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Nya~ there beloved Catgirl Family!

It’s time to gather ‘round once again. The Catgirl Team is here with an exciting update for everyone, whether you’re new or a seasoned Catgirl enthusiast.

Whether you’ve been with us from the start or just joined our Catgirl Community, we have fantastic news to share with you. You’re in for a treat! We’ve been hard at work creating various exciting features, from UniPaws to FunHunt and more!

Get ready for heart-racing and tail-twitching adventures! 🐾

About UniPaws

Get ready for a journey like no other as we introduce you to UniPaws — your doorway to the enchanting world of anime and manga! Imagine a world coming to life before your eyes, and adventures that spark your imagination.

UniPaws is taking a leap into its own universe with the all-new Light Novel series, bringing you a weekly adventure that will have you eagerly anticipating each chapter.

But hold on, there’s more magic awaiting you! Explore UniPaws’ captivating landscapes through our interactive map — a gateway that lets you immerse yourself in the captivating world of UniPaws!

And for all you creative spirits out there, say hello to DIY Kemi! Design your own adorable character, a unique Kemi brought to life with a fantastic array of Wearables. Watch as your creation blends seamlessly into the enchanting tapestry of the UniPaws.

So, no more waiting — let’s dive straight into the progress we’ve achieved together!

Navigate the Terminology with Ease!

We understand that certain technical terms might be unfamiliar to some readers. Allow us to shed light on these terms for better clarity:

UI Design: This phase immediately follows the planning stage. Our lead designer engages in brainstorming, wireframing, and then utilizing tools such on Figma to create an engaging layout.

UI Development: This involves coding the design using frontend framework within a web browser. It’s important to note that during this phase, the interface is not yet linked to the blockchain, and user data remains temporary.

UI Integration: The final step of the development, UI integration brings together blockchain and frontend components together, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Smart Contract Development: This pertains to blockchain-related development, including the creation of smart contracts such as Farming, NekoFuse, and forthcoming features.

Backend Development: Operating on the server side, this type of development deals with our own APIs, indexer, databases.

Progress Report Summary — 08/31/23


  • Home Page UI Development (requires banner/UI adjustments) (50% completion)
  • Light Novel UI Development (UI adjustments) (70% completion)
  • Light Novel Backend Development (Novel API) (100% completion)
  • DIY Kemi UI Development (various stages within UI development) (10% completion)
  • Smart Contracts Development (in the testing/adjustment phase) (70% completion)


  • Finalizing the development directions and rewarding system for our $PAW/LP holders. ❤ (planning stage)


  • An ambitious feature that unites diverse communities within our ecosystem, more details about this feature will be revealed on a later date. (currently in the UI design phase)

More details...

As UniPaws steadily progresses, we’re peering into the future with anticipation for the Raffle and FunHunt.

These exciting additions will not only enrich our ecosystem but also bring diverse communities closer together.

At the heart of our project is the goal of creating an enjoyable community. As we develop our ecosystem, we’re focused on ensuring that everyone has a great time.

BONUS News! ❤

  • Common & Rare Artwork for Season Three is now complete!
  • Reviews and sketches for S3 Epic Catgirls are well underway. ❤

Don’t miss out on Season 2 Catgirls!

Let’s not forget that the window to acquire Season Two Catgirls is gradually closing! Head-on over to our Mystery Box page for a chance to secure your favorite S2 Catgirls.

The Catgirl ecosystem is growing, and we can’t wait to take you on this journey with us.

Keep an eye out for even more amazing updates to come!

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