Catgirl Development Updates — April 5, 2024

2 min readApr 5, 2024



Hey there Kemi community! We’re back with exciting updates to enhance your UniPaws experience. Our team has been hard at work refining features and unveiling new functionalities. Let’s dive into the latest improvements!

✧ UI Updates

  • Landing Page
  • Kemi Popup Previews
  • Borders & Mobile Alignments, Image Overflow
  • Kemi Cards

We’ve made significant UI improvements in our latest update, including a revamped landing page for Season 3 with new characters and narratives. Kemi Popup Previews offer users detailed views of their avatars, while refinements like improved borders, mobile alignments, and image overflow fixes ensure a smoother browsing experience. Additionally, Kemi Card UI has been fine-tuned for better aesthetics and functionality.

✧ UX Improvements

  • Kemi Sharing & Downloading
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Easier Listing Options
  • Kemi Workshop Workflow
  • Disclaimers Update

Our UX improvements introduce a range of enhancements for a smoother user experience. Users can now easily share and download Kemi content through social media, fostering community engagement. We have switched from pagination to infinite scrolling, facilitating seamless exploration of Kemi content in Wearables and the Marketplace. Listing Kemi for sale or auction has been simplified with an intuitive dropdown menu option. Streamlined workflows in the Kemi Workshop ensure smooth navigation, even for users without a Catgirl NFT.

✧ Back-end Improvements

  • Sorting Algorithm (Wearables Shop)
  • Light Novel Publishing System
  • Base Kemi

Our newly completed sorting algorithm simplifies finding and acquiring Wearables, enhancing the shopping experience for all users. Issues with Base Kemi, such as clipping and conflicting assets, have been largely resolved, promising our users a more immersive experience.


With these updates, we’re dedicated to providing an exceptional Kemi experience. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from the Catgirl Team, and until then, hold on to your paws!

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