Catgirl Development Updates — 24–08–2022

4 min readAug 24, 2022


Hi everyone,

We're thrilled to announce a couple of exciting development updates.

Season 2 Release along with the new theme, improved brand aesthetic

The much-awaited debut of the season 2 catgirl cast will soon arrive with ten unique characters. We've been working on some changes and bug fixes to ensure users have an easy time experiencing the minting process.

Along with the upcoming season 2 release, we'll also roll out version 3 of the dApp with a new theme to enhance user experience, give it a lighter appearance, and highlight the website's essential features. The new theme also captures the culture we're aiming for: cute and polished while maintaining an anime/GameFi aesthetic.

Here is a leak of the platform layout with a simplified design and hero banner that focuses on the characters with a light touch of Japanese style

Season catgirl section with a new selector card design

Exciting New mystery box page with a new minting experience

New Farming UI

There are even more changes that we're excited to show once the new update is released.

An introduction to UniPaws

The Catgirl project has expanded significantly since our debut on May 31, with the release of the Catgirl NFT collection using a unique Gacha minting mechanism. Additionally, the capacity to farm Catgirl NFT and fuse to obtain a greater rarity aids in bringing more utilities to the project.

However, we'd like to go further. It's time to advance and broaden the pawsibilities. The team has been working tirelessly with our creative writer to draft the concept of UniPaws — the new expansion of Catgirl.

What is UniPaws?

UniPaws is a metaverse with fiction lore, a place where creativity is limitless and many mysteries are yet to be explored. UniPaws is a world rich in its history, geography, and purpose. The world consists of three main continents and small islands scattered around the world that are usually not yet explored. Each continent has its own culture, ways of living, and social structure.

"The UniPaws of Furness" is our first novel that will showcase the stories of Catgirl characters and their journey to explore the UniPaws world. The book will also provide incredible stories to support us create entertainment content such as comics, anime, and movies.

What is the potential of UniPaws?

The idea behind Catgirl is to let you interact and enjoy collecting Catgirl characters. With UniPaws, we would like to provide an open world where users can freely enjoy their creativity and bring in more friends to join the Catgirls world, meow.

UniPaws has different types of beings. Catgirl, among other higher intelligent beings, is called Kemi — a short for Kemonomimi. That means UniPaws is the place where not only Neko (cat-like) exists but also other Kemi with animal-like features such as Inu (dog-like), Saru (monkey-like), and Ryu (dragon-like). Kemis also exists in different genders.

What to expect with the UniPaws platform?

We've focused our resources on making UniPaws become a reality. Our goal is to create a world where not only our characters are alive but also a world where you can join and be a part of the culture. By immersing yourself in NFT games and forming social connections with other Kemi, you can expand your reality on the metaverse platform UniPaws.

With the initial release, we will start publishing chapters of "The UniPaws of Furness" — a novel that highlights the journey of Catgirls exploring the UniPaws world.

What's even more excited? Ready to become a Kemi, create your own identity, and express yourself the way you want

We are collaborating with concept artists and character designers to create various outfit items (wearable NFTs). Combining with the base character, you will be able to create your very own Kemi NFT character. Kemi NFT will also have a bridge to transfer to other chains, so you will have the freedom to use your Kemi Avatar everywhere.

Details step-by-step on how to create Kemi characters will be announced later, but the primary materials will be Season Catgirl NFTs and CATGIRL¢ token, so make sure to keep them in a safe place for future use.

CATGIRL¢ token will always remain the primary utility token that will be used across Catgirl ecosystems

Thanks for the continued support from our beloved community. We're excited to keep Catgirl growing further and bringing an exciting experience to the crypto world.

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