Catgirl 2023 End-of-Year Message

4 min readDec 22, 2023


2023 Recap

Welcome Catgirl and Kemi community alike! In 2023, we experienced a significant moment by introducing the NFT Marketplace, a milestone that contributed to our ecosystem. Throughout the year, our focus was on developing UniPaws and FunHunt, our flagship platforms designed to bring innovation to the crypto industry.

As we approach the end of the year, we’d like to update you on our progress with UniPaws since the NFT Marketplace release. We’re pleased to announce that we stayed on track for an early release of UniPaws next year. Your continued support means a lot to us as we work towards these milestones.

UniPaws — An Anime-Metaverse project focused on revolutionizing digital identity

  • Smart Contracts for DIY Kemi (Completed, preparing for Audit) ✅
    The smart contracts powering DIY Kemi are now finalized and are about to undergo a comprehensive audit process in collaboration with our trusted partner, Hacken. This step is crucial to guarantee the safety and security of our beloved community!
  • Mint Base Kemi (Completed) ✅
    The Base Kemi UI and Smart Contract are fully developed and prepared for use, undergoing rigorous testing leading up to the release date. Our community will soon have the exciting opportunity to create their own personalized Kemi characters through this portal!
  • Mint Wearables (Completed) ✅
    The Mint Wearables UI and Smart Contract are all set and ready to roll! This is your go-to spot to snag some stylish items for your Base Kemi. But here’s the scoop — act fast! Limited quantities per item, so don’t hesitate, or you might miss out on the chance to dress up your Kemi with these cool Wearables!
  • The Workshop (In-Progress)
    Our UI is nearing completion at The Workshop, and we’re thrilled with how everything is shaping up! It’s the perfect moment to gather your Base Kemi and Wearables for some enjoyable customization. Select your outfit, give your Kemi a unique name, and pick your preferred picture frame. Unleash your creativity and let the fun begin!
  • UniPaws Marketplace (In-Progress)
    Our UniPaws Marketplace UI is on the verge of completion, mirroring the progress at The Workshop! Similar to our Catgirl NFT Marketplace, this platform will be your go-to for trading all your Kemi treasures — ranging from Kemi Base and Wearables to your fully decked-out Kemi character. It’s the ultimate destination for all things Kemi!
  • Light Novel (Completed) ✅
    The UI and Storyline contents are all set and eagerly awaiting our community to immerse themselves! Explore the captivating tales of our Catgirls and follow their journey through the enchanting world of UniPaws!

Special Sneak Peek to our UniPaws website: ❤️

FunHunt — Looking into the future, A platform to connect the Web3 community

  • UI Mockup (Finalizing) 🎨
    As we reach the final stages of the UniPaws project, the Catgirl Team has an electrifying revelation for you — FunHunt, our sensational Social Marketplace! This groundbreaking platform is set to unite ALL NFT communities, building upon the robust Catgirl ecosystem for an unparalleled experience. Get ready for thrilling times ahead in this unique social platform and marketplace crafted to enhance the collective journey of NFT collectors.
  • Predefining Work Scope (In-Progress) 💻
    The Catgirl Team is hard at work, handling all the behind-the-scenes details to ensure a seamless operation for FunHunt. Imagine it as meticulously organizing tasks for every component that contributes to building the app. Exciting developments are underway, and we’re eagerly anticipating the moment we can share them with you! 🚀 Stay tuned for the excitement!

Catgirl Season 2 — The End of a Season Approaches

  • Brace yourself – Season 2 is reaching its grand finale! This is your ultimate opportunity to seize your beloved S2 characters before it's too late! Keep your eyes peeled on our socials as we unveil more about Season 3, and stay tuned for the official announcement marking the end of the sale. 🌟
  • Get ready for Season 2 Farming, kicking off immediately after we wrap up the S2 Mystery Box sales! It’s time to cultivate exciting new experiences and harvest the yields of progress. 🌾✨

Catgirl Season 3 — A Fresh Beginning

  • Common Catgirls (Completed)
    Rare Catgirls (Completed)
    Epic Catgirls(Completed)
    Legendary Catgirls (Completed)
    Pawsome Catgirl (In-Progress) 😻
  • As a bonus, we’ve got some super exciting news! We’ve teamed up with an awesome new artist for Season 3, and they’re bringing a fresh and unique style to the table. We’ve been working on 10 fantastic characters, and although the Pawsome is still in the works, the Catgirls are all ready to go. Keep an eye on our social media for sneak peeks — you won’t want to miss this! 😺

Hold on a second.. Who is that Catgirl?!


In this moment, we want to sincerely thank all who have steadfastly supported us and our project. As we say goodbye to 2023, we’re closing one chapter in our journey and warmly welcoming the next with heartfelt excitement. Your continuous support has been priceless, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey together, growing even stronger as a united community. ❤️

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